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Hi !


I am sorry to tell you that this page is not free.


If you are subscribed to a free trial, you can access the first 100 characters. On every page, you find a mnemonic (little picture stories). In these mnemonics, you find radicals. Each radical is a link. When you click on one of them, you come to the page of the respective character. All radicals, which show up in the first 100 characters, are free too.


In addition, you can enjoy the first about 50 videos which you find in the video section, when you go to the chinese videolessons and click on the A on the left side.


However, if you subscribe to www.lenaia.com and www.chi.guru, which would be very nice and helpful for your learning, you have unlimited access to all pages.


If you have any questions, please fill in the feedback form (link on top of this page) or send me an email. Otherwise click on the back arrow in your browser and keep on exploring and learning!


We are very happy that you let us help you learn Chinese!